ZFOURGE & MOSEL : Emergent Galaxies at z~3.5

Wed 15 May, 2019 @14:15 PM, level 7, David Caro Building
Dr Kim-Vy Tran, UNSW

Email:  kimvy.tran[at]gmail.com


ZFOURGE and MOSEL are deep observational surveys that track how galaxies assemble over cosmic time. ZFOURGE identifies approximately 70,000 objects up to redshifts of z~7 using a custom set of near-infrared imaging filters that provide high precision photometric redshifts. MOSEL targets emergent galaxies from ZFOURGE for spectroscopic follow-up to track this rapidly evolving population. Here I highlight results that include building a library of composite Spectral Energy Distributions and using the SED fitting code Prospector to determine star formation histories for a range of galaxy populations.