The complicated lives of disk galaxies: lessons from IFS

Wed 27 March 2019 @14:15 PM, level 7, David Caro Building
Dr Amelia Fraser-McKelvie, University of Nottingham

Email:  amelia.fraser-mckelvie[at]



Most galaxies consist of a dispersion-dominated bulge region and a regularly rotating disk. These components have built up their mass separately through different processes, yet are evolving together. It has become commonplace to separate the light from bulge and disk regions to better understand their formation and contribution to their host galaxy. The same techniques can also be applied to IFS data of other galaxy components, such as bars and spiral arms. I will detail some of the latest results from the MaNGA galaxy survey, including efforts to study stellar populations in lenticular galaxies within bulge and disk regions, and an investigation into the influence of bars on the secular evolution of disk galaxies.