The role of turbulence, magnetic fields and feedback for star formation

Wed 05 December, 2018 @11:30 AM, level 6
Dr Christoph Fedderath, ANU

Email:  christoph.federrath[at]


Turbulence and magnetic fields determine the structure of the interstellar medium. In recent years we have developed a theoretical model of how this turbulence, magnetic fields, and feedback control the star formation rate. A critical step towards this theory is to understand the filamentary structure of molecular clouds and which physical processes give rise to the dense filaments within them. Here we show that the transition from supersonic to subsonic turbulence — the sonic scale — may determine crucial properties of the filaments, such as their widths, and how the sonic scale enters our derivation of star formation rates. I will also present results from the world’s largest supersonic turbulence simulation, in which we measure the sonic scale, from which the the filament width and critical density for star formation is derived.

2 Responses to “The role of turbulence, magnetic fields and feedback for star formation”

  1. Bin Jiang says:

    Dear sir or madam,

    Which is the building for this seminar except level 6? SinceI am not a student in your department.

    1. middletonh says:

      Hello, I’m very sorry that we missed your message as the messages do not come directly to us – I know it is too late for this talk, but our seminars are all in the David Caro Physics building if you would like to come to future ones.