MeerKAT inaugurated

Wed 7 November 2018 @14:00 PM, level 6
Dr. Marisa Geyer Square Kilometer Array, South Africa

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Just two years after its first light, on the 13th of July this year, the MeerKAT telescope was inaugurated by the South African deputy president in Carnavon, in the remote Northern Cape of South Africa.

The inauguration showcased the first science quality data flowing out of the full 64 antenna interferometeric array, (operating in 4096 channel mode at L-band), by unveiling a detailed panorama of the Galactic Centre. This important internal milestone has exhibited both the sensitivity and the potential of the MeerKAT telescope, which is increasingly ‘open for business’.

To have the instrument working at its full capacity, much commissioning work remains to be done. As a member of the beamformer commissioning team, I will provide an overview of the MeerKAT telescope and the goals achieved in the run up to the inauguration event. I will also map the road ahead – pointing to exciting developments since the inauguration and the remaining challenges.