Parameter Estimation and Model Selection of Gravitational Wave Signals Contaminated by Transient Detector Noise Glitches

Wed 28 Mar, 2018 @12 PM, level 7
Dr. Jade Powell, Postdoctoral Fellow
Swinburne University

Email: jpowell[at]


The number of astrophysical sources detected by Advanced LIGO and Virgo is expected to increase as the detectors approach their design sensitivity. Gravitational wave detectors are also sensitive to transient noise sources created by the environment and the detector, known as ‘glitches’. As the rate of astrophysical sources increases, the probability that a signal will occur at the same time as a glitch also increases. This has occurred previously in the gravitational wave binary neutron star merger detection GW170817. In this talk, we examine the effect of glitches on the measurement of signal parameters and Bayesian model selection. We include binary black holes similar to current detections, sine Gaussian bursts, and core-collapse supernovae. We examine if the effects of glitches are worse when there is a mis-match between the signal model and the data.