Bulge formation correlates with spin-filament alignment flips

Wednesday 08 Jun 2022 @ 12:00 p.m., Laby Theatre(+Zoom)
Dr Stefania Barsanti, ANU; Email: Stefania.Barsanti[at]anu.edu.au


The study of the interplay between galaxy angular momentum and structures in the cosmic web is a powerful tool to constrain galaxy evolution scenarios. I will present the alignments of galaxies’ spin axes with respect to nearby cosmic web filaments as a function of various properties of the galaxies and their constituent bulges and discs. I will exploit the SAMI Galaxy Survey to identify 3D spin axes from spatially-resolved stellar kinematics for galaxies and their kinematic bulge and disc components. The mass of the bulge is found to be the primary parameter of correlation with spin-filament alignments. I will discuss our findings in terms of possible formation pathways for the galaxies, bulges and discs.