Dark Matters at Swinburne

Wednesday 04 May 2022 @ 12:00 p.m., Laby Theatre(+Zoom)
Prof Alan Duffy, Swinburne University; Email: aduffy[at]swinburne.edu.au


For over half a century the nature of dark matter has remained a mystery despite enormous advances in astronomical observations, numerical simulations, and direct detection efforts. I will convey some of the ongoing research efforts at Swinburne as we seek a holistic approach to constraining the potential dark matter candidate, from microlensing by theorised nano-planet mass blackholes to ultra-light axion candidates, and particles of masses in between all in partnership with colleagues across Australia and beyond. While conveying the science of these experiments I will also try to share ways in which I try to explain it to the public as ideas for others to explore using in their own science communication efforts.