The Case for the Nearby Universe in High Definition

Wednesday 16 Mar 2022 @ 12:00 p.m., David Caro building, Level 2, Hercus Theatre (+Zoom)
Associate Professor Michelle Cluver, Swinburne University; Email: mcluver[at]


It’s a tale of three very different surveys: WISE (a mid-infrared imaging survey of the entire sky), 4HS (a newly accepted redshift survey of the southern hemisphere on 4MOST), and MeerHoGS (a pilot HI survey on MeerKAT). This talk will focus on the key science goals of 4HS (which I co-PI with Ned Taylor) and how this connects to my work using WISE and MeerKAT to a) create a benchmark view of the nearby universe, and b) investigate how environment influences the properties of galaxies. Finally, I will illustrate the power of immersive visualisation tools (such as VR) in this intrinsically multi-dimensional space.