The Impact of Outflows on Galaxies and Halos over Cosmic Time

Wednesday 04 Aug 2021 @ 12:00 p.m., David Caro building, Level 2, Hercus Theatre (+Zoom)
Dr Rebecca Davies, Swinburne University; Email: rdavies[at]


Abstract: Outflows are likely to play an important role in shaping the growth and evolution of galaxies, especially at the peak epoch of star formation (z~1-3) where outflows are ubiquitous. Detailed measurements are now required to better constrain feedback models and to establish how outflows influence the properties of interstellar and circumgalactic gas. In this talk, I will highlight recent spatially resolved studies of outflows at z~2, focusing on the launch mechanisms of star-formation-driven outflows and the variety of ways in which outflows couple AGN accretion energy to gas on nuclear, galactic and circumgalactic scales. At the end, I will discuss ongoing efforts to make robust measurements of the abundances of metal ions in the circumgalactic medium at z>5.5, with the goal of understanding the mechanisms governing the production and transport of metals in the early Universe.