The build-up of mass and angular momentum in galaxies across morphology and environment with SAMI

Wed 6th Nov 2019 @2:15 PM, level 6 Opat Seminar Room, David Caro Building
Dr Jesse van de Sande



Studying the build-up of mass and angular momentum in galaxies is fundamental to understanding the large variations in morphology and star formation that we see in present-day galaxies. Integral Field Spectroscopy has revolutionised our capability of measuring resolved stellar kinematic data and has changed our classic view of early-type and late-type galaxies as two distinctly seperate populations. In this talk I will highlight several key results from the SAMI Galaxy Survey, which provides two-dimensional stellar population, gas and stellar kinematic measurements for ~3000 galaxies. I will show how specific angular momentum and lambdaR (spin parameter proxy) gradually change as a function of morphology and environment, and compare these to predictions from cosmological simulations. Furthermore, I will present recent results that link the intrinsic shape of galaxies and their stellar populations to their rotational properties.