Big Screen Science: The Dish

Sun 7 Oct, 2018 @3.45 PM, Cinema Nova
Dr. Rachael Livermore, DECRA fellow
University of Melbourne

Email: rlivermore[at]

Celebrate space and stars with a fun event for the whole family! Revisit classic sci-fi films on the big screen, followed by fascinating presentation and discussion on how space is depicted in cinema with Astrophysicist Dr Rachael Livermore (The University of Melbourne).

It is a date that will be remembered for all time. July 20 1969 – the day man first set foot upon the moon. That one shining moment was witnessed by a television audience of six hundred million people across the globe. Remarkably, those immortal images came via a “dish” in rural Australia. It may have been one small step for man, but for a handful of Aussie scientists, it was a giant leap. And one that almost didn’t happen… From the creators of the beloved Australian cinema classic The Castle and TV’s Utopia, THE DISH stars Sam Neill, Patrick Warburton, Roy Billing, Kevin Harrington and Tom Long in the incredible true story of Australia’s part in the Apollo 11 moon mission.

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Big Screen Science: Dish, The