Weak Lensing in the Dark Energy Survey

Tue 14 Nov, 2017 @3PM, level 7
Dr. Daniel Gruen, Einstein Postdoctoral Fellow
SLAC / KIPAC / Stanford University

Email: dgruen[at]stanford.edu


The Dark Energy Survey has combined analyses of galaxy clustering and weak gravitational lensing two-point correlation functions in its first year (Y1) of observations. The goal of this is to constrain cosmological parameters from lensing measurements of structure in the evolved Universe. The combination of two-point correlation functions provides information on the amplitude of density fluctuations (S8=0.794+0.029-0.027) and the dark energy equation of state (w=-0.80+0.20-0.22) that is competitive with Planck CMB data. When joint with probes of cosmic geometry, it yields the best measurement of these parameters to date. Besides reviewing these results and the technical advances that facilitated them, I will also present work that provides a DES lensing view of higher than second moments of the matter density field.