The many lives of AGN II: the formation and evolution of radio jets and their impact on galaxy evolution

Wed 20 Sep, 2017 @12PM, Level 7
Prof. Darren Croton, Professor
Swinburne University
Email: dcroton[at]

In this talk i describe new efforts to model radio AGN in a cosmological context using the SAGE semi-analytic galaxy model and a number of large cosmological N-body simulations. Our new method tracks the physical properties of radio jets in massive galaxies, including the evolution of radio lobes and their impact on the surrounding gas. Unlike the previous efforts of Croton et al. 2006, we now self consistently track the cooling-heating cycle that significantly shapes the life and death of many types of galaxies. Adding jet physics to SAGE adds new physical properties to the model output, which in turn allows us to make more detailed predictions for the AGN and galaxy populations, and build customised AGN-focused mock survey catalogues for comparison with observations.