The Bachelors Program (BSc in Physics)

The Bachelors Program (BSc Physics):

Our students enroll in the BSc in Physics degree. This is a broad-based Physics degree, which will equip you for a wide-range of future options at the end of it.

There are opportunities to improve your knowledge of astrophysics throughout your degree. There are two first year subjects related to Astronomy. Life, Earth and Universe (MULT10011) is a broad subject examining the prospects for detecting life around other stars by studying questions in biology about how life began and the requirements for life; in geology about what makes a planet habitable and how the Earth has evolved; and in astronomy about how the Universe bgan, how planets and stars form, how we are discovered exoplanets, and how we might detect evidence of life on planets around other stars. From the Solar System to Cosmos (PHYC10008) takes a more in-depth, physics-oriented look at the fundamentals of modern astrophysics, such as: “How did the Universe begin?”, “What is Dark Energy?”, “How do galaxies form?”, and “How do planets like our Solar System form?”  The 3rd year subject, Astrophysics (PHYC30019), dives even deeper into these themes, while also exploring exciting new areas such as black holes, neutron stars and relativistic cosmology. Astrophysics questions are also embedded throughout the 2nd and 3rd year Laboratory and Computational Physics subjects. Finally, with permission, students may opt to do a 6-week intensive project in astrophysics instead of some of the normal labs during the 3rd year Laboratory and Computational Physics subject.

Research opportunities: We strongly encourage undergraduate students at all levels to pursue research projects during their degree. Research can be undertaken for credit through the Science Research Project during either semester. Research projects can also be undertaken during either the summer or winter teaching breaks, typically with a stipend.  The first step to finding a research project is to figure out who you might like to work with. After that knock on their door or email them to arrange a time to chat.