Halo Mass Accretion Histories: WMAP3 Cosmology

The files in the table below contain mass accretion histories of halos of masses M0 as indicated by the first column. The following columns in the table indicate the starting redshift z0. You will find that it is not same the mass history of a halo that has a mass of 1012M at redshift z0=0 from a halo that has the same mass at redshift z0=2. Here’s an example using commah.py:

In [1]: import numpy as np
In [2]: import commah
In [3]: output = commah.run(‘WMAP5’,zi=0.,Mi=1e12,z=[2.0,3.0,4.0,5.0,6.0])
In [4]: np.log10(output[‘Mz’])
Out[4]: array([[11.44275008,11.13066616,10.81032845,10.48477003,10.15560886]])
In [5]: output = commah.run(‘WMAP5’,zi=2.,Mi=1e12,z=[2.0,3.0,4.0,5.0,6.0])
In [6]: np.log10(output[‘Mz’])
Out[6]: array([[ 12.0,11.65713925,11.31178218,10.96540308,10.61846395]])

The following files contain columns with redshift, halo mass, accretion rate, concentration, virial radius and scale radius.

z0=0.0 z0=0.5 z0=1.0 z0=2.0 z0=3.0 z0=4.0 z0=5.0 z0=6.0
1.0×106 M
5.0×106 M
1.0×107 M
5.0×107 M
1.0×108 M
5.0×108 M
1.0×109 M
5.0×109 M
1.0×1010 M
5.0×1010 M
1.0×1011 M
5.0×1011 M
1.0×1012 M
5.0×1012 M
1.0×1013 M
5.0×1013 M
1.0×1014 M
5.0×1014 M