OzSKA: radio astronomy in the next decade

The OzSKA meeting will be held in the Hercus Theatre, David Caro building at the University of Melbourne on 8-10 April 2015.

The Square Kilometer Array will herald a new era in radio astronomy, with the construction of the world’s largest radio telescope in Australia and South Africa. The conference will provide an opportunity to explore the new science that will be possible with the increased sensitivity, with a particular emphasis on exploring opportunities for young scientists to become engaged with new projects and ideas. The science themes explored include the formation of the first stars and galaxies, galaxy evolution, cosmic magnetism, the nature of gravity and exploring life beyond the Earth. Other topics will include the impact of enabling technologies, including the processing and management of ‘big data’, new signal processing and detector technologies and the role of ‘blue sky’ science in the education of our wider community. Young researchers are particularly encouraged to attend.