2013 CAASTRO Annual Science Conference

The 2013 CAASTRO Annual Science Conference: “Reionization in the Red Centre: New windows on the high redshift Universe”was held at the Ayers Rock Resort, Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, NT.

Conference dates: Monday 15 July – Friday 19 July 2013

Topics discussed included:

  • Redshifted 21cm observations
  • CMB as a probe of reionization
  • Formation of the first luminous objects
  • Starformation in galaxies at high redshift
  • How and when were hydrogen and helium reionized
  • Pollution and thermal evolution in the IGM
  • Methods for simulation of high-z galaxy formation and reionization

For a list of the presentations please go to: http://www.caastro.org/reionization-in-the-red-centre-presentations